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"Seed Project" • LEAP Kids Preschool @ Jalan Lana

At LEAP Kids Preschool @ Jalan Lana, we believe that it is important to involve families to support children’s learning at home. Learning is made more meaningful for children when they can connect learning at the pre-school centre and at home. One way in which we have attempted to foster such connections is through parent-child projects such as the Seed Project.


Children will have the opportunities to:

  • Observe and be aware of the fruits around them
  • Gather information about fruits from a variety of sources.
  • Work together with their families to record what they have learnt about fruits and seeds

Collecting the Seeds

The Seed Project involved parents and their children collecting seeds together and compiling a booklet about the seeds and the fruit they came from. 

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Children brought their booklets to school and shared what they had learnt about seeds with their peers.

Creating Learning Resources

Parents were also invited to create learning resources with their children based on the theme of seeds and fruits. These resources were then brought to class for the other children to explore and play with. 

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The parents and children were very creative and designed different types of learning resources about seeds and fruits. Many of these resources were later adapted for use in the centre. The children enjoyed seeing their friends use the materials that were created by them!

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LEAP Kids Preschool @ Jalan Lana