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"Discovery Our Local Food -Rojak" • 

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sembawang Block 786B & 789


Children will be able to

  • Find out more about our local food, Rojak 
  • Name the different types of Rojak and describe the ingredients used for each type of Rojak 
  • Talk about their favourite type of Rojak and create their own versions of the dish 


This activity was conducted in conjunction with our Racial Harmony Day Celebrations in July. Our teachers introduced the dish, Rojak to the children. The dish was chosen as it is a local dish that children from different cultures can relate to. About a week before the Celebrations, our teachers conducted a large group discussion with the children on how to gather information about the dish, such as its ingredients and what the word, ‘Rojak’ means.

They used the K-W-L charts, which categorises what children know, what they wonder about and what they have learnt, to help children organise information before, during, and after the activity. The purpose was to engage children in a new topic, to tap their prior knowledge and monitor their learning.   



Before and During the Racial Harmony Day Celebrations

Prior to the Racial Harmony Day Celebrations, we involved parents by inviting them to join in this event and to provide fruits and vegetables for this dish. Teachers explained and showed the different types of Rojak that we have in Singapore, such as the Indian Rojak, the Chinese Rojak and the Malay Rojak. The children then tried the different types of Rojak prepared by the teacher and parent volunteers.

rojak 1.jpgrojak 2.jpg
The teacher introduced the ingredients to the children.The teacher explained the steps to make Chinese Rojak and encouraged parent volunteers to follow.


 Parent volunteers made Rojak and shared their experiences of eating Rojak by the roadside.  Children enjoyed eating Chinese Rojak prepared by the parent volunteers and Indian Rojak bought by the teachers. 

The children shared how different each of the types of Rojak tasted and which they preferred, giving their reasons. They then tried mixing different ingredients to make their own version of Rojak. We also encouraged them to record their own creations.


Contributed by:  
PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sembawang Block 786B:  
Kathleen Oh, Bhavani DO Nadarajan, Fatin Nur Diyanah Binte Sahar, Li XunYue, S Thilaka,  Zarinah Binte A Rahman, Molina Lois Shane Manalili, Asuncion Shey Ann Berenguel, Suraya Bte Ali, Ivy Ang and Sally Cheung 
PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sembawang Block 789: 
Nazrina Bte Hussain, Brenda Tan, Nur Adilah Bte Jelani, Tan Hong In, Josephine Anthony and Jenny Loh