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"Our Local Breakfasts" • Odyssey, The Global Preschool

Learning Objectives:

  • Gather information about local breakfasts from various sources
  • Work together to recreate and modify local recipes

Stemming from the children's interest in local breakfasts, this became an 8-week project during which the children researched and recreated local recipes.

Gaining information from their prior knowledge
The children were tasked to record what they had eaten for breakfast over the weekend in their journal. After sharing their findings, they realised that there was a wide range of local breakfasts! As a class, they decided on which local breakfast they were interested in, and set out to find out more.

"My mummy made Summer Oats. It's a western breakfast."
- Natalia     
"I ate fishball noodle. It's a Chinese breakfast."
- Walter    
 "What is this?" - Bruce
"I don't know. I think it is a doughnut." - Walter

Learning from Community Experts
In order to gain an understanding on breakfasts served by various ethnic groups, the children looked for experts in the community.

Learning how to make roti prata from scratch during their trip to the Roti Prata shop.   
 Engaging parent volunteers to teach the children how to cook roti jala.

Recreating Recipes
After learning from the community experts, the hildren used the Internet to find out more about local recipes such as chwee kueh, kaya butter toast and pancakes. They modified the recipe to suit their preferences and recreated the dish using various cooking methods while observing kitchen safety and hygiene procedures.

Briefing on kitchen safety and hygiene procedures before the Little Chefs head to their work stations.
 Attempts to recreate local recipes.

Setting up a stall
The children worked closely around a budget as they set up their Roti Prata and Roti Jala stall. They took on various roles and worked as a team to sell their dished to parents.

The children working closely with the parent volunteers as they prepared the dishes for sale.

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Odyssey, The Global Preschool