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People and Places

“Flowers and Fishballs” • MOE Kindergartens
Children can find out more about the people and places in their neighbourhood as they plan their ideal neighbourhood and create a 3D model of it!
“My Super-Bus” • MOE Kindergartens
Develop children’s inventiveness and be amazed by their ideas as you guide them in some simple problem-solving when they create their super-bus!

“Vanda Miss Joaquim” • MOE Kindergartens
Hone children’s observation skills and encourage them to talk about what it means to be a Singaporean as you introduce the Singapore coins to them.
“We’ve got Mail!” • SOKA Kindergarten
Motivate children to use writing to express themselves by setting up letter boxes and a mini post-office. How does it also help to develop friendship and nurture responsibility in children?
“We Share One World” • MOE Kindergarten @ West Spring
Children learn to show respect for diversity as they discover different customs and practices from around the world. Find out how learning centres provide fun and interactive ways for them to do so.

“DreamBig Playground” • MOE Kindergarten @ Tampines
Facilitate children’s learning by observing their interests and scaffolding their learning. Read on to see how the children’s interest on inclusive playgrounds extended into a playground design project!
“Camping @ Caelum Junior” • Caelum Junior LLP
Read on to find out how a school camp provides children with more opportunities to build relationships with their peers, exercise responsible decision-making and self-management.

“Floating Houses” • MOE Kindergarten @ Dazhong
How can you help children conduct simple investigations in a systematic way? Find out how children gather information about floating houses as they build their own.
“A Morning Walk along the Singapore River” • Genius Hive Pre-school
Develop children’s observation skills as they take a little trip around Singapore town! Find out how we can guide children in reflecting on our country’s rich history and culture.
“Uniquely Singapore” • MOE Kindergartens
Guide children in gathering information to find out more about various places of interest in Singapore. How can children then communicate their findings?