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Teaching Steps

The NEL Big Books in English Language and the 3 Mother Tongue Languages are part of the NEL Teaching and Learning Resources that MOE has developed and piloted in the MOE Kindergartens. These resources have a distinctive Singapore flavour and support early childhood bilingualism. The NEL Big Books are designed as teaching materials for pre-school teachers to use in the classroom. 

If your centre would like to contribute lesson ideas that feature the use of the NEL Big Books to the NEL Portal, please fill in this form and we will contact you shortly.
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Wondering how to use the NEL Big Books to develop children’s language and literacy skills? Why not try out the Shared Book Approach? 

The Shared Book Approach makes use of Big Books to provide an enjoyable learning experience for children. It encourages children to participate actively and acquire skills in listening, speaking and reading. 

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Alternatively, watch the video below to see the Shared Book Approach in action.