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 Start cultivating a positive attitude towards the environment in children from a young age. Get some ideas on how you can develop their sense of responsibility and care for the environment through the photo story!Develop children’s observation skills as they take a little trip around Singapore town! Find out how you can guide children in reflecting on our country’s rich history and culture through a learning journey.
Have you ever thought about how to better support children’s social and emotional development? Find out how the potential of outdoor play can provide meaningful opportunities for teachers to facilitate the five areas of social and emotional competencies.

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The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) guidelines  support pre-school   educators   in   planning, implementing and reviewing learning activities that make use of  ICT.  Read  to  get  more  insights  on  the   broad directions  of   ICT   in  teaching  and learning.

What better way to learn about lion dance than to hear about it first-hand from the professionals? Read on to find out how the children used the K-W-L Chart to investigate about lion dance!Perseverance is an important learning disposition that helps children to progress in their learning when faced with challenges.  How can we nurture the learning disposition of perseverance in our children? Check  out the details in the photo story.