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The NEL Framework 2022 has been updated according to the latest developments in ECE policy, practice and research, both locally and internationally. It continues to emphasise that preschool education is an important stage in a young child’s holistic development.


Values, social emotional competencies and learning dispositions are three important aspects of children’s development that cut across all learning areas. They set the stage for character building, lifelong learning and learning to live harmoniously with others. 

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The Educators’ Guide for Values, Social and Emotional Competencies and Learning Dispositions is here! Read it today and consider how you may apply the learning points to your centre’s practices.

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"Seeds of Perseverance" • MOE Kindergartens
Children who have perseverance are not easily discouraged from learning and do not give up even though it is challenging. Find out how you can nurture perseverance through a planting experience.

Quality interactions entail engaging children in shared and sustained conversations. Read on to find out how the teachers in PCF Sparkletots made use of questioning techniques to facilitate children’s discussion of current issues.

Using an integrated approach to teaching and learning, the teachers helped children to make meaningful connections between their interests, prior knowledge, other experiences and new learning as they learnt more about butterflies and caterpillars.

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iTeach Principles
NEL Framework 2022 continues to emphasise iTeach, an acronym for six principles to guide the planning, designing and facilitation of learning experiences for children. Read on to find out more.

Values serve as a compass that guides children in their daily interactions and decisions. Children who are guided by a strong set of core values grow up to be citizens of good character who can contribute positively to their family, community and Singapore.

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