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Frameworks and Guidelines

MOE has launched the following NEL Curriculum resources to support early childhood educators in Singapore in creating and delivering quality learning experiences for children aged four to six years. Click on the images to download a copy of the resources.

NEL Framework

The NEL Framework articulates MOE's belief and principles on how children learn and develop, and what constitutes quality pre-school education. 



 NEL Educators' Guide


The NEL Educators' Guide complements the NEL Framework and is designed to help pre-school educators put into practice the teaching and learning principles articulated in the NEL Framework. 

The NEL Educators' Guide consists of seven volumes, the first being an overview of how children develop and learn. The other six volumes focus on one learning area each.  
nel-edu-guide-language-literacy-cover.jpg8.2MB nel-edu-guide-motor-skills-development-cover.jpg9.4MB nel-edu-guide-numeracy-cover.jpg6.5MB

NEL Framework for Mother Tongue Languages

Aligned to the NEL Framework, the NEL Framework for MTLs articulates a broad set of vision, objectives, guiding principles and learning goals for MTL teaching and learning.  
nel-framework-mtl-cover.jpg5.1MB nel-framework-mtl-chinese-cover.jpg12.2MB nel-framework-mtl-malay-cover.jpg9.8MB

NEL Educators' Guide for Mother Tongue Languages

The Educators' Guides for MTLs are written for each specific MTL, and are available in Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Similar to the NEL Educators' Guide, the Educators' Guide for MTLs help MTL teachers translate the NEL Framework for MTLs into quality learning experiences for children. 
nel-edu-guide-cl.jpg6.1MB nel-edu-guide-ml.jpg5.1MB nel-edu-guide-tl.jpg 3.4MB

Teaching and Learning Guidelines on the Use of Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) in Pre-school Centres

The Guidelines supports pre-school educators in planning, implementing and reviewing learning activities that make use of ICT, and provide broad directions if they use ICT in their teaching and learning.