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Research Bites

The NEL Curriculum takes into account current educational developments and research findings in Early Childhood Education. Click on the following icons to find out more!


Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project (SKIP)

The Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project (SKIP) is a 3 year longitudinal study (from K1 to P1) examining how the home and classroom environment impact on children's learning and development. One particular focus is the quality of teacher-child interactions and how these facilitate children's holistic development. The objective of the research is to support the government's goal of formulating and evaluating strategies to raise the overall quality of preschool education in Singapore

bullet-red.pngMatching Emotions and Social and Emotional Difficulties

Motor Skills, Self-Regulation and Early Academic Skills
 bullet-yellow.pngProfessional Development Priorities of EC Educators

icon-green.pngQuestioning in Teaching – Are All Questions Alike?

icon-red.pngTeacher-Child Interactions during Mealtimes

icon-blue.pngFacilitating Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood Classrooms
  icon-yellow.pngFacilitating Social and Emotional Learning through Outdoor Play 
  icon-green.pngFacilitating Discovery and Learning in the Garden

icon-red.pngParent Perceptions of School Readiness
  Home Literacy Environment: Shared Reading and Literacy Outcomes

icon-yellow.pngHome Literacy Environment: Child Literacy Interests and Outcomes
  NEW! Promoting Social and Emotional Learning through Shared Book Reading


The iPreschooler study is a 3-year cross-sectional study examining digital media use and how it affects the quality of life of pre-school children between ages 2  and 6 years old. The study also survey parents on their digital media habits and attitudes toward their child’s digital media use and their awareness of professional guidelines on digital media use for young children. The study aims to contribute knowledge of digital media use among pre-school children for the betterment of their learning and holistic development.

How long do pre-school children use digital media and how does the use of digital media affect their quality of life?
What do pre-school children in Singapore use digital media for - entertainment and/or learning?