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"Urban Garden" • Pat's Schoolhouse @ Aroozoo

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We, the Nursery children at Pat’s Schoolhouse @ Aroozoo, embarked on a project to create our own garden and learnt more about the world around us while having fun!

Starting our Garden Project

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Our parents helped us to collect recycled materials like bottles and egg crates for planting. Our teachers provided organic soil and garden tools.

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We did a lot of fun hands-on activities! We loosened the soil in the egg crates and bottles, and planted seeds in them.

Caring for our plants

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We labelled our plants and recorded their growth in our journals. We watered them every day without fail.

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We learnt that plants need space to grow. Our teachers got us thinking about what would happen if our plants grew too big…We decided to move them to a new home! First we re-potted them into a tub with soil… 

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Then others grew bigger too, so we “migrated” them to bigger spaces so that they can continue to grow strong and healthy.

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Celebrating the “fruits” (or rather, “vegetables”!) of our labour

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We couldn’t wait to taste our harvest! We washed, peeled, sliced and chopped the vegetables we grew… 

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…and stirred them in a big pot of soup very carefully.

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Hmm hmmm. Look at our very own vegetable soup from Pats’ Schoolhouse @ Aroozoo! Enjoy!

Contributed by:
Anita Yuen, Principal, Pat’s Schoolhouse @ Aroozoo