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Flora and Fauna

“Walking Though the Forest” • MOE Kindergartens
Recording their observations help children be more focused in their observations. How do children exercise this through a field trip to a nature reserve, which provide a variety of learning opportunities for children to learn about plants, animals and insects?
“Our Little Tots Garden” • PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marsiling Blk 32
Find out how you can provide opportunities for children to work together and learn more about plants as they care for their community garden.

“Urban Garden” @ Aroozoo • Pat’s Schoolhouse @ Aroozoo
Provide an authentic context for children to find out more about how plants grow in this farm-to-table experience.
“Seed Project” • LEAP Kids Preschool @ Jalan Lana
Read on to find out how parents can be engaged to extend children’s learning to help them find out more about seeds and fruits.
“Learning About Vertical Farming” • Life Childcare
Help children to hone their observation skills by comparing plant growth using the vertical and traditional approaches to farming.

“Go Away Mosquitoes” • Big Apple Child Care and Development Centre
Discover how we can provide our children with an authentic context to better understand why and how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the community!
“All About Cassowaries” • PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Braddell Heights Blk 417
Tap children’s curiosity about an unusual animal to motivate them to find out more and to express their thoughts and ideas in various ways. Read on to find out how!

“Seeds of Perseverance” • MOE Kindergartens
Children who have perseverance are not easily discouraged from learning and do not give up even though it is challenging. Read on to find out how we can nurture this learning disposition in an authentic manner.
“All About Plants” • MOE Kindergarten @ Riverside
Find out how this centre makes use of a 5-step teaching protocol based on established learning theories to engage children in learning about plants.
“Art in Nature” • MOE Kindergarten @ Sengkang Green
Find out how children can observe elements of art in the natural environment and create a 3D artwork based on this experience.
"Fun with Plants" • MOE Kindergarten @ Westwood
Find out how children use the different parts of a plant to create an artwork.

"An Inquiry on Caterpillars and Butterflies" • EtonHouse Pre-school (Vanda)
How did the teachers make use of children's interest to draw connections to their learning? Read to find out more.
"Exploring Animal Camouflage" • Babies By-The-Park Pte Ltd
Learn about how an integrated approach to teaching and learning supports children's exploration of camouflage.