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Teachers as facilitators of learning

What does it mean?

As a facilitator, you use your knowledge, skills and resources to extend children’s learning based on their interests, needs and readiness.

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How can you do it?

As facilitators of learning, you:
  • Work closely with families to enrich children’s learning and development
  • Use a wide range of teaching strategies to actively engage the children and facilitate their learning
  • Use a variety of teaching and learning resources, including Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools to cater to children’s diverse learning needs and interests
  • Observe and monitor what and how the children are learning to plan, scaffold and extend their learning
  • Organise the environment to provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment for learning, and establish a conducive atmosphere for the children to learn

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This video illustrates two of the iTeach principles, Teachers as Facilitators of Learning and Children as Constructors of Knowledge, in action in the classroom. The teacher explains the importance of facilitating children’s learning by breaking down an activity into bite-size tasks, modelling the process of carrying out the task, giving clear instructions and asking open-ended questions. This also provides opportunities for children to explore, discover and gain new understanding of themselves and the world.


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